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  • Jimbo: Where fresh noodles still rule

Jimbo: Where fresh noodles still rule

By Lianna McCurdy Driving down King Street, a passer-by might miss Jimbo Restaurant nestled within a small shopping center along the way. A cozy Ilima Award-winning lunch and dinner stop, this establishment serves up an intimate experience of traditional Japanese fare that is especially known for its comforting udon. Birthed in 1994 by the Motojima […]

How to respond to interview ghosting

WITH KENJI NAKANO SENIOR STAFFING MANAGER, OFFICETEAM, AND SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (SHRM) HAWAII VOLUNTEER Have you been in a situation where you might have met the hiring manager, say two weeks prior, and thought the conversation went great, yet there’s still been no response after the interview? This could be due to the […]

Explore, discover your every anime desire

By Elima Pangorang What started off as a hobby for Chung Tam — collecting anime memorabilia — has since grown into a way of life with his self-made business MiniQ anime shop. And according to the owner, there’s no better way to work than to do something you love. “My wife and I started out […]