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Teachings aim to maximize businesses, lives

DeRose Method Honolulu’s owner and general director, Guilherme Alves, performs a mind and body exercise unique to the school’s teachings on positive human relationships and overall health.

By Don Robbins

DeRose Method Honolulu, located on Maunakea Street, is a unique type of school devoted to developing the full spectrum of human potential through an alternative lifestyle and mindset.

According to the school’s owner and general director, Guilherme Alves, it is designed to provide individuals and businesses with tools to make them more physically and mentally efficient, streamline their goals and be more successful. Clients range from athletes to artists to budding entrepreneurs.

DeRose Method teachings include an emphasis on fulfilling human relationships, good dietary habits and overall health. A few of the tools the Honolulu school teaches to its students are optimal breathing techniques, stress management, mental concentration, as well as improving muscle tone and body flexibility.

Alves with Andressa Dalledone and their two dogs, Paco and Kai.

When students begin their studies in the DeRose Method, they can take introductory classes to help them develop a better awareness of their bodies. These classes teach students tools such as expanding their lung capacity and learning relaxation techniques.

The school also offers in-depth classes for advanced students, and even private classes for those who need a trainer focused directly on their specific goals.

The DeRose Method has been taught since the 1960s, with the first school opening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Although DeRose Method Network schools are spread throughout the world, each one is independently run. “Ours is a co-working space for DeRose Method entrepreneurs,” Alves explained. “We do not adopt the employer-employee structure.

“We are the only DeRose Method school in Hawaii, and one of three in the U.S. There’s absolutely no other place that offers the same types of services we do,” Alves added. “We offer consultations as well as practical trainings that are tailored to each individual/company, to help them improve upon what’s working well and fix the issues that aren’t.”

DeRose Method is a global company, and as such, there are a number of positions within the network. However, each DeRose Method school is commonly composed of a director and a few DeRose Method entrepreneurs who can work in a number of different capacities.

DeRose Method Honolulu embraces a unique mix of tools and strategies to encourage its staff, or DeRose Method entrepreneurs, to be successful.

“For example, besides teaching classes about behavior, stress management, breathing techniques, meditation, etc., each entrepreneur is responsible for specific tasks within the company, such as telemarketing, media, accounting and so forth,” Alves said. “It will all depend on their background and/or level of expertise in each area.”

According to Alves, the ideal person to work at DeRose Method Honolulu is “someone that does not have an ‘employee’ mentality. We train individuals to be entrepreneurial, to create new forms of revenues within the very places where they work: someone that knows how to make it happen and can be creative in problem-solving and team-building.”

DeRose Method Honolulu has reformed and adapted throughout the years, according to Alves.

“It has changed a lot. Back in the early 2000s we still worked in the health and wellness segment. From 2006 and up we have gone through a major shift and now we work with high-performance and quality of life,” Alves explained.


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THE 411

COMPANY: DeRose Method Honolulu

LOCATION: 1109 Maunakea St., Ste. 207, Honolulu

PHONE: 779-9712

WEBSITE: DeRoseMethodHonolulu.com


EMPLOYEES: 2 DeRose Method entrepreneurs

BENEFITS: All members work as partners and share the costs, as well as the profits of running a business. DeRose Method Honolulu offers reduced prices in all network events and products (such as books, clothing, etc.) for current DeRose Method entrepreneurs.

NOTEWORTHY: DeRose Method personal training has been used to improve the performance of world-class athletes and business people.