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A Tales Of Many Tails

Veterinary technician supervisor Shannon Mladucky cares for a happy canine.

By Don Robbins

Doctors and staff at PetVet Animal Hospital located within Salt Lake Shopping Center show dogged determination to provide the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.

The Ala Lilikoi Street practice consists of eight doctors in a full-service veterinary hospital for dogs and cats with boarding, that’s open seven days a week including holidays.

“Because of our extended holiday and weekend hours, we are able to provide wellness and urgent care medicine,” said Dr. Melanie Pearson, social media and marketing representative.

“We are a group of highly trained, experienced animal lovers who believe in treating every patient as if they were our own pet,” she emphasized.

Featuring brand new equipment, the hospital utilizes the latest in technology to deliver superior assistance to pet parents. Just a few of the many services offered include HD digital radiographs, ultrasound, an in-house laboratory for immediate results, and a double surgery suite equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. In addition, the staff can look after prized pets’ teeth with dental radiographs, and the practice also comes with well-equipped intensive care suites.

Ashley Harris, pet care supervisor, assists a feline patient.

“We offer boarding services with the option for group play to socialize in our indoor and outdoor play areas,” Pearson noted. “To accommodate busy pet parent schedules, we offer the convenience of dropping our clients’ pets off for medical services.”

PetVet Animal Hospital opened in July 2017 through the efforts of Dr. Rod Pearson, after having designed, constructed and opened multiple successful veterinary hospitals on Oahu. After deciding that retirement didn’t agree with him, he decided there was a need for a new animal hospital on Oahu.

He gathered some of his favorite veterinarians and staff together to create PetVet. His daughter Dr. Melanie Pearson, along with Dr. Christy Anbe, Dr. Rene’e Nagata and Dr. Joy Yasuda are the practicing owners, while Donna Chang is the hospital manager. Melanie grew up in the veterinary world around her father’s clinics and shares his love for pets.

Members of the company ohana include customer service representatives, technicians, assistants and pet care staff who take care of boarding and the group play for dogs and cats.

Hospital management strives to create a working environment that is cheerful, enthusiastic as well as focused on the client and patient.

“Especially for us Hawaii locals, we spend majority of our waking hours during the week at work to make sure that we can afford to get by. Some jobs feel like jobs — not mine!” declared Jaz Yamamoto, a customer service representative at PetVet Animal Hospital. “Working here truly feels like I’m going to my second home with all of my family members. I leave here every day knowing that my work-family and I have done our best to help multiple pets and pet owners.”

Yamamoto said that besides the medicine and patient care portion of the job, staff members have a lot of fun.

“Our team loves to celebrate each other every chance we get! I’ve made lifelong friendships with both clients and coworkers here and can’t wait to make many more,” Yamamoto added.

Employees of PetVet Animal Hospital definitely should enjoy working with clients and pets, have a friendly and easy-going demeanor, a positive attitude and excellent communication skills, Pearson stressed. Among other important qualities, the hospital seeks individuals who are team-oriented, reliable, have a strong work ethic, initiative, a sense of responsibility and a desire to excel.

“We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care to all our patients, so you should enjoy the process of educating clients and helping them to take exceptional care of their pets,” Pearson said.

“Equally important is the ability to work within and contribute to maintaining our fast-paced, upbeat, and fun work environment; as well as desiring to develop a long-term, vested interest in contributing to the growth and well-being of our organization,” she added.

“I enjoy the welcoming environment of the PetVet ohana and have made many lifelong friendships. The work culture and camaraderie (ties) of PetVet is like no other place I’ve worked,” shared technician assistant Harly Gaumer.

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THE 411

COMPANY: PetVet Animal Hospital

LOCATION: Salt Lake Shopping Center, 848 Ala Lilikoi St., Ste. 100, Honolulu

PHONE: 834-PETS (7387)

WEBSITE: petvethawaii.com


PRACTICING OWNERS: Drs. Christy Anbe, Rene’e Nagata, Melanie Pearson and Joy Yasuda

BENEFITS: A comprehensive benefit package that includes medical/dental/vision coverage, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plan, generous pet benefit plan, and more.