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Take A Bite Out Of This

Ashley Lavender, Kyle Johnson, Chris Farley, Parvizimotlagh, Misti Rei Kaanaana and Ellen Burton

By Don Robbins

Known for innovative flavor combinations, EARL has become the destination for those seeking freshly made, high-quality craft sandwiches.

Sandwich maker EARL celebrated the grand opening of its second location last month, at Keawe Retail at Our Kakaako, and has since seen a steady flow of customers.

Instead of being named after a person, the moniker EARL stands for “Eat A Real Lunch,” shared owner Justin Parvizimotlagh.

The shop’s first location at 1137 11th Ave. in Kaimuki opened in 2014.

“I knew from an early age that I wanted to own a restaurant,” Parvizimotlagh recalled.

Originally from Baltimore, he worked in restaurants as a college student and his father also owned one, so he yearned to start his own eatery.

Jam Sam, Short Rib Torta and Garlic Fries

“I’m an entrepreneur and I happen to be able to cook,” he said.

Each of the two EARL locations have very different menu choices, to help customers explore exciting new flavor offerings.

“We never want to be a complacent company,” Parvizimotlagh said. The innovative menu selections highlight that adventurous attitude, he added.

Parvizimotlagh explained that EARL’s niche is “cooking” the ingredients in their tasty meals, not merely “assembling” sandwiches. Every menu item is precisely created to ensure patrons receive a delicious and satisfying experience, he noted.

Some of the top sellers on the new menu at the Kakaako location are the Short Rib Torta, the Fried Chicken Po’ Boy and the Garlic Fries.

Even the iced Becky’s Sweet Tea is his mother’s own recipe, Parvizimotlagh mentioned. She took the traditional tea recipe from her hometown down South in Tennessee to Maryland after moving there.

Chris Farley, Kyle Johnson and Misti Rei Kaanaana prepare meals for guests at EARL’s new Kakaako shop.

Although there are different menus at the Kakaako and Kaimuki locations, staff members at both shops know the value of providing customers with excellent customer service at all times.

“We take what we do seriously, Parvizimotlagh said.

He emphasized that team members in the restaurants are reminded to never take the customer for granted, always give top-notch service and to create positive experiences for guests.

Additionally, employees are always encouraged to hold their peers and themselves accountable, take pride in the work they do, and buy into the culture of “next level” service. All this high quality takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where there are no uniforms, the owner explained.

Ashley Lavender, a cashier at EARL in Kakaako, shares that passion for culinary excellence.

“I love working here because of the food that we make. If I couldn’t get behind what we make and sell, I wouldn’t be able to do it with a big smile,” Lavender declared with a wide grin on her face.

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THE 411


LOCATION: Keawe Retail at Our Kakaako, 400 Keawe St.; and 1137 11th Ave., Kaimuki

PHONE: 744-3370 (Kakaako) and 200-4354 (Kaimuki)

WEBSITE: earlhawaii.com

OWNER: Justin Parvizimotlagh


BENEFITS: Competitive wages, health insurance if eligible, free shift meal

NOTEWORTHY: One of the new items on the EARL Kakaako menu is the Chile Relleno Burger.