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Surgeons offer fast relief at orthopedic center

A host of high-tech gear at All Access Ortho, including this digital X-ray machine, help Drs. Gary Blum, left, and Darryl Kan take care of their patients with orthopedic-related injuries.

By Don Robbins

All Access Ortho, with locations in Honolulu and Mililani Mauka, provides urgent access to specialized care for any
orthopedic-related injuries.

Orthopedics is a broad field that deals with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, which involves the combination of the body’s muscles and bones together.

“All Access Ortho provides a superior experience compared to expensive and hectic emergency room visits,” said Gary T. Blum, M.D. “All Access Ortho is Hawaii’s first and only orthopedic specialty urgent care.” The city’s latest co-working space is a collaboration between the respective owners of The Wedding Cafe, HONBLUE and the Red-mont Real Estate Group.

Blum and Darryl M. Kan, M.D. are orthopedic surgeons and co-CEOs of the company, which serves people of all ages, from athletes to weekend warriors, children and adults. The duo specializes in treating a wide range of orthopedic issues, including sprains/strains, fractures, dislocations, sports injuries, cast problems, lacerations and even minor wounds.

Additionally, Blum explained that the centers provide services in the subspecialties of orthopedic injuries resulting in workers’ compensation, sports pre-participation physical examinations, as well as more specified hand-to-shoulder, back, hip/knee and foot/ankle injuries and conditions.

Blum said, “The business was born out of a lack of access to urgent, specialized orthopedic care for non-life threatening injuries. Combined with busy orthopedic private practices and the high cost and prolonged nature of emergency room visits, it made sense to provide a third space for patients seeking specialty care.

“The idea was developed over the course of several years, and our first doors opened at Hale Pawaa in November 2013,” Blum added. “In keeping with the theme of (all) access, we opened a second location
in Mililani in December 2015.”

In addition to providing the medical attention needed at hand, All Access Ortho prioritizes giving patients the best experience possible. All Access Ortho prides itself on operating with a top-notch staff, including the business’s dedicated physician extenders, also known as physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

“Our physician extenders spend time weekly at All Access Ortho in our private practice offices at Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii, and assisting with surgery at Minimally Invasive Surgery Hawaii,” Blum said. “We feel this provides a patient experience and continuity of care that is second to none.”

Blum and Kan added that, as far as employees go, they are always looking for team players who are willing to put in the effort to provide the best possible customer-service experience for patients.

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COMPANY: All Access Ortho

LOCATION: Hale Pawaa Professional Building, 1401 S. Beretania St., Ste. 102, Honolulu; also located at Gateway at Mililani Mauka, 95-1830 Meheula Pkwy.


CO-CEOS: Gary Blum, M.D., and Darryl Kan, M.D.

NOTEWORTHY: As part of the orthopedic institute at Hale Pawaa, All Access Ortho has access to imaging services and a state-of-the-art surgical center, pharmacy, training facility and laboratory.