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Serving Hawaiians through generations

Kamehameha Schools’ students chanting.

By Lianna McCurdy

Founded in 1887 by the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Kamehameha Schools is a private, charitable educational trust. Through world-class educational programs, Kamehameha Schools is committed to improving the capability and well-being of Native Hawaiians. Income generated from Princess Pauahi’s commercial lands and diverse investments funds more than 96 percent of the trust’s educational mission.

Kamehameha Schools revitalized its vision in 2015, embarking on an exciting voyage that foresees, in one generation, a thriving lahui (nation) where learners achieve postsecondary educational success, enabling good life and career choices. Grounded in Christian and Hawaiian values, learners will be leaders who contribute to their communities — both locally and globally.

The KS Kapalama campus.

At the heart of this new journey are those who share the same vision as Kamehameha Schools, ensuring all Native Hawaiians have the opportunity to succeed. Strong community collaborations, increasing donor participation, and key state, national and international partnerships are vital to Kamehameha Schools. They drive beneficial system changes, creating the means for learners to propel onto knowledge and career paths of their choice.

More than 4,000 dedicated individuals representing a broad spectrum of educational, aina (land) and administrative professions help carry out Kamehameha Schools’ mission. The organization is comprised of three K-12 campuses in addition to 30 preschools and various regional sites on Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii.

Tahnee Sales, senior manager of recruitment services and workforce planning, explained her recruitment team is committed to “finding the right people for the right roles, who bring talent and passion to our mission.”

Dozens of opportunities are available for students and staff interested in nurturing KS’ mission, from the classroom to administration, and more.

She noted, those looking for employment with Kamehameha Schools should not only possess technical abilities for the job position they seek, but also embrace “culture, diversity and community building, and have an interest in shaping a thriving and vibrant future for Native Hawaiians.”

When asked why an individual would want to work for Kamehameha Schools, Sales shared, “The most common reason is the strong sense of satisfaction in supporting a mission that they believe in and feel good supporting. There is also a deep-rooted feeling of community in our ohana which is very appealing.” Additionally, employees understand their work makes an impact beyond their role and will have a lasting impression on generations to come.

Due to Kamehameha Schools’ multidimensional mission and the diversity of people and work, pilina (relationship building) is crucial to the success of the organization’s divisions and departments. Employees are encouraged to launa (be sociable) collegially with one another at special events within the company.

Sales added, “All of KS’ campuses, preschools, regional and corporate offices offer a unique working environment, largely due to the communities of students and staff based at each location. Each work site hosts special events that staff can participate in, such as morning anaina (gathering), Founder’s Day (the birthday of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop), and a host of other spiritually and culturally significant activities.”

Opportunities to learn about Hawaiian culture, language and practices at the workplace are also offered to employees through programs such as Olelo Kahua. Those working for Kamehameha Schools are encouraged to participate in these experiences to gain a broader understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, and the communities it serves.

Kamehameha Schools regularly hires for a variety of education, enterprise and seasonal positions across the pae aina (communities). Positions span from education roles such as kumu (teacher), counselor and school administrator to support positions in areas like human resources, information technology and finance. Those interested in employment with Kamehameha Schools must complete an online application in order to be considered. Visit to view current employment opportunities and start the application process.

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The 411

COMPANY: Kamehameha Schools

LOCATION: Kawaiahao Plaza, 567 S. King St., No. 105

PHONE: 534-8141



EMPLOYEES: 4,000-plus statewide (temporary and regular)

BENEFITS: Competitive benefi ts including medical, sick leave, tuition reimbursement, 401(k) retirement and vacation time.