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The rehab center that ‘has your back’

Regina Lavelle, Dr. Mary Adey, Jason Chong, Jae Santiago, Peter Wisiorowski, Mika Gorgonio, Dionne Hagbee, Lara Reynoso and Sara Basso aim to help patients heal from debilitating conditions.

By Caroline Wright

Around the world, back pain is the leading cause of disability. It keeps people home from work and school, forcing them to skip everything but the most crucial daily activities. Two-thirds of all adults will experience back or neck pain at some point in their lives.

Thanks to Oahu Spine and Rehab (OSR), an integrated physical medicine provider that treats a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, hundreds of islanders have found relief from debilitating back and neck pain, and many other devastating and incapacitating conditions.

“In 2013, Oahu Spine and Rehab was created to change the way people think about ‘healthcare’ by providing healthcare with a difference,” explained practice manager Peter Wisiorowski. “Our multidisciplinary approach allows patients to benefit from a variety of different providers in one convenient location.”

With a team of experienced, dedicated professionals, OSR provides diverse services in a non-surgical setting. Physical medicine, chiropractic therapeutic modalities, rehabilitation and massage are all available under the same roof through a treatment progression that is fine-tuned meet to each patient’s specific needs. Called “The Four Phases of Care,” this process first addresses pain relief, then correction of the underlying problem, followed by body strengthening, and finally, maintaining wellness to prevent future injury.

Massage therapist Jason Chong applies trigger point therapy to a patient.

“We have 26 employees dedicated to giving patients more value and lasting benefits than they expect,” said Wisiorowski. “We take pride in helping our patients understand and enhance their body’s natural ability to heal.”

Specific treatments available at OSR include physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, non-opioid pain management, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, weight management, and Botox injections for the elimination of wrinkles and crow’s feet, but also for conditions that include cervical dystonia, hyperhidrosis, Bell’s Palsy, migraines and others.

OSR moved to its new state-of-the-art location in Pearlridge Center last July, and now offers ample parking near Chili’s, Sears and Longs Drugs in the newly renovated Wai Makai section of the mall. The company provides complimentary consultations and accepts most insurance coverage, including workers compensation and auto injury claims. For those who need it, there’s even free childcare with a beautiful playroom to keep kids happily occupied during Mom’s or Dad’s treatment session.

Thanks to a marketing department that actively promotes healing and well-being, OSR has made a treasure trove of information available to the community. The company’s comprehensive website includes a list of services offered and explanations of their benefits, plus extensive staff bios, informative health blogs, and even a form to inquire about career opportunities.

Its social media pages include news of events like company-hosted blood drives with free chair massages, videos on topics like chronic stress and hydration, and special offers and coupons. Also on OSR social media are dozens of five-star reviews from grateful patients who have found relief in OSR’s treatments and services.

“Our team members can often be found providing complimentary chair massage at military events, social gatherings and employee appreciation events,” Wisiorowski said. “We welcome new venues, and love being out in the community.”

In an upbeat environment staffed with compassionate professionals who find deep satisfaction helping people who are immobile or in pain, Oahu Spine and Rehab is always looking for positive people to join its team.

“Our clinic is welcoming and casual in the sense that our patients often become our friends and always feel like family,” Wisiorowski said. “Having the opportunity to help so many people find pain relief and improve their mobility is truly a blessing!”

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THE 411

COMPANY: Oahu Spine and Rehab

LOCATION: 98-1005 Moanalua Road, SPC 410, Aiea

PHONE: 488-5555


PRACTICE MANAGER: Peter Wisiorowski


BENEFITS: HMSA health, dental and vision coverage; 401(k) plan