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Pearl City veterinary center leads the pack

The staff of VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center in Pearl City.

By Kyle Galdeira

By providing primary, emergency and specialty care all in one location, and doing so 24 hours a day, seven days a week, VCA Family Animal Hospital and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center makes the health of pets its priority. Meanwhile, pet owners receive exemplary customer service throughout the process.

The company features an Emergency Department with skilled, compassionate team members standing by to assist with urgent needs. With dedicated Intensive Care and Critical Care Units incorporated at VCA Family Animal Hospital and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center, the team and facilities are equipped to provide an array of crucial services, including oxygen therapy, cardiac monitoring, blood transfusions and nutritional support, as well as advanced diagnostic capabilities on the premises, such as ultrasound, CT scans and more.

“We strive to greet each client and pet by name, have compassion for the needs of our clients and their pets, and create a caring and positive environment,” said Janay Kock Wah Ng, hospital manager. “We aspire to provide each client and their pet an exceptional experience each time they interact with our hospitals.”

Kennel tech Sharde Harper, left, with Kimi, Dr. Carrie White with Archer and vet assistant Nyx Ortiz with Mika.

In addition to offering emergency services around the clock, the center allows Oahu families to make appointments for their pets daily from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. — an ideal timeframe for those with busy lifestyles. In addition to general practitioners who provide wellness procedures and preventative medicine such as vaccinations, digital X-rays and teeth cleanings, the local business also has a board certified surgeon who can address traumatic injuries (fractures, skin wounds and lacerations) as well as perform soft-tissue surgeries and stem-cell treatments. The company has two internal medicine specialists, licensed veterinarians who have obtained intensive additional training in understanding how pets’ body systems function, and how to remedy problems.

“Our newest doctor is board eligible in ophthalmology (eye and vision care) and will start in October,” Kock Wah Ng said. “We are excited for her to become a valuable addition to our specialist team. We are one of the only locations across the country that provides lithotripsy (treatments using ultrasound waves to help remove kidney stones of other calculus bodies), and have access to many specialists for consultation including our own radiologists and nutritionists.”

Employees at VCA Family Animal Hospital and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center receive a robust benefits package as well as competitive wages and flexible work schedules. They also enjoy community service opportunities. With the around-the-clock operation, flexible scheduling is not only necessary to help the business function, but leads to available shifts that fit multiple lifestyles and personalities. Upward mobility within the company is also possible as some veterinary technicians have gone on to become doctors, and customer service representatives have advanced to roles like hospital manager.

“We have a supportive, learning environment that encourages staff to grow, and encourage current employees to apply for open positions within the company,” Kock Wah Ng said. “We try to have fun even though we are in a hospital environment by having contests amongst the staff to win various prizes. For instance, they can submit pictures of their pet right now enjoying summer, and win a goodie bag.”

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THE 411

COMPANY: VCA Family Animal Hospital and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center

LOCATION: 98-1254 Kaahumanu St., Ste. 151, Pearl City

CALL: 484-9070

HOURS: Open daily, 24 hours


HOSPITAL DIRECTOR: Matt Malta and hospital manager Janay Kock Wah Ng

EMPLOYEES: Approximately 150

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Health, dental, vision, prescription drug and life insurance; access to a 401(k) retirement savings program; multiple partner discounts and an employee discount; paid vacation and sick leave, as well as six paid holidays; and scholarships are available.

NOTEWORTHY: Accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association and recognized as one of “Hawaii’s Best” as part of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s People’s Choice Awards.