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New Season, New Game Plan

Aloha Stadium is home to roughly 50,000 seats with helpful staff to assist spectators inside the stadium, such as Alma Abdmishani, left, to escorts in the parking lot.

By Elima Pangorang

It’s likely that every longtime resident of Oahu has been to Aloha Stadium at least once in their lifetime. And as the state’s largest open-air facility as well as one of its main hubs for major events, the landmark is a key piece of Hawaii’s culture.

As of late, residents might have noticed that there has been an influx of big-name events happening at the Halawa facility. With the increase in excitement for both spectators and the Aloha Stadium team, its sales and marketing specialist Samantha Spain said it is a trend she hopes will continue.

“I think when we did the Bruno Mars concert, that showed other promoters that Hawaii has the capability to do larger events, so that kind of set the trend and since then things have just been falling into place and we’ve been able to book almost back-to-back events,” she explained.

It certainly is quite the busy year for the stadium following Bruno Mars’ appearance with headliners such as musical artist Eminem, the Monster X Tour and Hawaiian Supercross, as well as upcoming events like the Mayjah Rayjah music festival in July — a favorite among locals. In addition, Aloha Stadium is home to bi-weekly swap meets, college and high school sports events, the 50th State Fair and more.

With this upward climb in happenings, Spain said the stadium is looking to grow its workforce with a current application window for everyone and anyone. Fortunately, this hiring period looks to fill more than 60 positions.

Stadium employees also help to keep locker rooms spick and span.

“The hiring now, the focus is during our football season, but in between that and actually beyond that we do have other events, like concerts, car shows, rugby, Pop Warner, and a variety of others throughout the year,” she mentioned.

Spain also noted that while the job can be flexible depending on the consistency of events, workers must be available for all University of Hawaii games, the Rams and Cowboys NFL game in August, and a few other significant happenings.

“It’s all kind of crammed into three to four months and then for the rest of the year it depends on what we have. However, the good thing about it is after the ‘busy season,’ we actually try and keep our workers on so that as events come up, we can just call you and see if you can work.”

Spain mentioned that working for Aloha Stadium is a great option for those looking for a looser schedule,or just as a side job. Another plus is that this hiring period comes at the perfect time, when people are trying to save up extra cash for the holidays.

The application is an easy online process and those interested should go to the Aloha Stadium website to fill out an application by Aug. 1. While online is the best way to apply, prospective hires may also go to Aloha Stadium to pick up, fill out and turn in their application.

“We think of our workers as ‘ambassadors,’ so we look for candidates who are friendly and have excellent customer service.

It’s also helpful to have a lot of patience because sometimes they will have to deal with ‘excited’ fans,” said Spain. She further added being a sports fan is a plus since staffers will basically get to watch the games and other events for free — a major positive that current workers take full advantage of.

Workers at the
entrance are ready to shuffle crowds into the stadium.

The management team at Aloha Stadium is sure to make the work environment a welcoming place for its employees. Spain said there are team meetings so that everyone can get to know each other, and there is an open door policy as well as HR personnel for everything else workers may need.

“Our philosophy here is to treat our employees like family, so that’s why we have employees that are still part time and they come back for years and years because we treat everyone with respect,” Spain continued, adding there are many employees who have been with the company for 40 years.

There’s much on the horizon for the Aloha Stadium team and Hawaii residents to look forward to, including a possible redevelopment of the stadium in the coming years — so be on the lookout for more fun events to share with family and friends and add more memorable time to the books.

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