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Never Caught Off Guard

Hurley hands a lost ball back to Ivah Maldonado and her brother Jahdriel.

By Nicole Kato

Vigilance, integrity and helpfulness are key values employees at Securitas embody and proudly extend to the people and places they serve.

It’s hard to imagine a global company running a thriving business here in Hawaii that upholds the values of ohana and community to the highest caliber. But Securitas does that and more, and has its nearly 3,000 employees to thank.

The way it works is simple: The security services company makes sure its guards are fully engrained in the communities they’re protecting. This means making sure the right area and job fit with a guard’s values and personality.

“We place a high priority on culture,” explained Sanj Sappal, area vice president for Hawaii and Guam. “Tying into community is important.”

And, he added, the guards themselves really run the show.

Acosta directs traffic as shopping center visitors go through the crosswalk.

“Our guards are our bosses,” Sappal continued.

Indeed, it’s because of its exceptional guards that Securitas has continued to grow, making it the fifth-largest employer in the state.

It’s why the goal is always to find the perfect fit for the guards.

“We are really focused on the total hire on and retention,” said Sappal. “If you live in Kalihi, we try to get you a job in Kalihi. We check with our guards to make sure they’re being treated well and have tools to do their job.”

In addition, Securitas’ myriad contracts ensure that employees find the perfect job site fit. The company’s Hawaii-Guam operations works with retail spaces, condos, hospitality facilities, office buildings, ports, churches, hospitals, agricultural businesses and refineries — to name a few.

“Our touch and reach are broad,” Sappal assured. “This means that if he or she goes to an ag site but has a personality for something else, we’ll put them where they fit and they’ll thrive.”

One of the things Securitas focuses on during the application and interview process is that notion of a perfect fit. Hiring managers check and see what’s the most important to applicants, whether it be pay, the hours or the area they’d like to work in. The beauty, then, of Securitas is its breadth and reach. It’s able to offer numerous options for every person who applies.

Those that call Securitas their work home have access to excellent training opportunities, including assistance with getting a guard card, and benefit from the company’s close relationship with Honolulu Police Department.

Part of the training also includes on-the-job assistance to obtain a GED, as well as help adhering to the requirements for airport security, which involves a license to carry a handgun, if needed.

Upward mobility is another positive aspect at Securitas. Often, managers see their entry-level guards advance all the way up to positions like site supervisor.

“We allow our guards to move on, too,” Sappal added. “We never cap them. We want the best for them. It allows our employees to build a brand résumé.

“The culture is definitely local-based,” Sappal continued. “We also have a culture of respect, and to nurture and grow each individual.”

The three dots on Securitas’ logo, then, are much more than decorative additions. Rather, they stand for vigilance, integrity and helpfulness.

“That’s what we train our employees to also put out there each day, while protecting the state of Hawaii,” Sappal added.

THE 411

COMPANY: Securitas

LOCATION: 888 N. Nimitz Hwy., Honolulu, among other statewide locations

PHONE: 539-5000



BENEFITS: Company-paid life insurance with a $10,000 policy, medical insurance, optional dental/vision/401(k), supplemental life insurance, vacation pay

INCENTIVES: Employee referral bonus, guard card bonus, sign-on bonus