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Fashioned Just For you

Owner Jonny Gima and sales manager Jesse Masuda.

By Elima Pangorang

Plan B Printing has everything down to a “tee” when it comes to meeting custom-design needs.

It started off in a backyard shack, but Jonny Gima and Chad Yamashiro’s Plan B Printing company has since expanded into a successful venture that operates in a resourceful warehouse within Waipahu’s industrial district.

From T-shirts to hats, Plan B Printing produces a seemingly endless array of items. “We mostly do garment printing, but we’ve done pretty much everything. Anything that you can think of, we can print on,” Gima said.

Most popular, however, are Plan B Printing’s T-shirt services, which have a turn-time of two weeks or sooner — which is among the fastest on the island. Indeed, Gima’s team is constantly at work to ensure customers get exactly what they want, when they want.

Whether you might be looking for a custom shirt for your family’s reunion of more than a hundred people or just a few shirts for your softball team, Plan B Printing has been helping groups with all occasions and of all numbers (even upward of 1,000) for nearly two decades. According to the staff, “No job is too big or too small.”

Much of keeping up with the demand is having an all-star cast to help bring it all together, which is exactly what Gima has. “A lot of screen printing businesses have only one or two people and it’s hard on them. So it’s good to have a full team,” said Gima. “We basically have a person for each responsibility, from sales and design, to getting them printed on the shirt. My team is a good team that helps each other out whenever it’s needed, and they’ll also stay late to get the job done.”

So when it comes to completing his crew, Gima looks for reliable team members who can work hard but also have room to enjoy what they do.

“It’s a really laid back environment, just because I like the guys to feel comfortable. I worked at places before where companies don’t care as much about you, and I noticed that’s when things happen — like things start missing or people don’t come into work,” he explained. “So we try to treat our staff fair and make them feel like a part of the business, and take care of them as much as we can.”

Furthermore, he said that worker’s families are important and come first. “If they need off for something we give it to them, because we know how it goes and how it feels, too — if you gotta go, then you gotta go.”

For Gima and Yamashiro, their work ethics fall in line with personal beliefs that stretch from their workers to customers. According to the duo, customer service is for everyone and what you give out is what you get back, so it’s important to always treat people fairly and kindly.

Unique to the company is an opportunity for the public as well as family and friends to come in and see how everything works. “We have an open house every year to try and bring our customers in and educate them and work with them on the process that it takes to print a shirt,” said Gima. The business also makes its own brand of shirts, “iThursty” that has become a favorite among customers.

Orders for custom or iThursty clothing can be made online, in-person or by phone. Customers can bring in their own design or work with Gima or Yamashiro on ideas.

“From the first call to when customers have everything in-hand, we are there through it all,” concluded Gima.

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COMPANY: Plan B Printing

LOCATION: 94-111 Leokane St., No. 148a, Waipahu

PHONE: 725-2955 WEBSITE:

OWNERS: Jonny Gima and Chad Yamashiro


BENEFITS: Medical, dental, discounts on select products and services