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Civilian employees help the Navy sail smoothly

By Ellise Kakazu

Teamwork keeps the ship afloat. Many believe Sailors alone fuel the Navy, but that’s not the case, as civilians often help the military branch sail smoothly as well.

“Civilian careers in the Department of the Navy have an important role in supporting and protecting the fleet, family and war fighter while making a difference in our nation’s security,” stated Jim Neuman, spokesperson for Commander, Navy Region Hawaii (CNRH).

According to Neuman, there are more than 800 civilians working for CNRH, a Navy command formed in 2003 with the goal to “provide a single shore installation management organization that focuses on installation effectiveness and improves the Navy’s ability to support the fleet, fighter and family.”

Security guard is one of the many civilian positions offered. PHOTO COURTESY U.S. NAVY

While all CNRH employees have the same goal in mind, there are many ways one can help achieve it, as the command provides a range of employment opportunities for civilians.

Some positions CNRH offers are security guards, dispatchers, social workers, work and family life specialists, firefighters, financial management analysts, IT specialists, as well as Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) positions in child care and lodging facilities, and food and beverage.

“Civilian employees for the federal government have significant choices in their career paths and locations of service,” noted Neuman. “Opportunities exist for experienced journey-level candidates, as well as certain positions at intermediate and entry levels to include students.”

Front desk supervisor Edith Paredes checks in an active duty guest to the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Every CNRH team member, no matter what career path he or she is on, reels in great employee benefits, such as dental and vision insurance, 13 sick days, 10 paid federal holidays per year, and the ability to utilize the Thrift Savings Plan, similar to a 401(k) plan.

“CNRH offers competitive salaries as well as an outstanding government employee benefits package,” stated Neuman. “Salaries also include annual cost-of-living adjustments. CNRH is dedicated to supporting our workforce and improving their quality of life across the board.”

With a sea of possibilities, great benefits and the satisfaction of being a part of something greater than one’s self, there’s no reason not to take the plunge and join the team.

Information, Tickets and Travel ticket manager June Hawkins holds up an array of brochures. ANTHONY CONSILLIO PHOTOS

“Every member of our team knows they are valued and appreciated,” noted Neuman. “The benefits and training available to federal employees make working on the Navy team an unparalleled opportunity.”

Those interested in applying for a position are encouraged to update their resume to include qualifications, job experience and accomplishments as well as relevant education, training, certifications and licenses.

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THE 411

COMPANY: Commander, Navy Region Hawaii (CNRH)

LOCATION: 850 Ticonderoga St., Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

PHONE: 371-5189


COMMANDER: Rear Admiral Brian Fort

EMPLOYEES: More than 800

BENEFITS: CNRH offers to pay a portion of group health and life insurance, competitive salaries, long-term care disability insurance, dental and vision insurance, flexible spending account options, 10 paid federal holidays per year, and 13 sick days.

NOTEWORTHY: The command serves as the regional coordinator for all shore-based naval personnel and shore activities in Hawaii.