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Centers offer immediate health care to the Isles

Donna Schmidt

By Don Robbins

Urgent Care Hawaii brings innovation to health care delivery, creating a seamless experience for patients, according to Donna Schmidt, co-owner and CEO of the company.

“Reducing emergency room use, supporting primary care physicians (PCP) and building a bridge from the urgent care visit back to the PCP are all components of Urgent Care Plus (a facet of Urgent Care Hawaii),” Schmidt said.

Urgent Care Hawaii has four locations, including Pearl City, Waikiki, Kailua and Kapolei. Walk-ins are welcome at any one of the locally owned, community-minded business’ locales.

“We serve all ages from 3 months old to centenarians. We also serve military families, employers and employees,” Schmidt said.

Medical director Dr. Pani Shoja checks a patient’s blood pressure at Urgent Care Hawaii’s Kailua location with assistance from Nicole Namdar

The company’s care centers offer immediate health care to people who have acute illnesses and/or injuries, with each location equipped with the diagnostic capabilities of X-ray, strep-testing, urinalysis, pregnancy-testing and glucose-monitoring services.

“We offer therapeutic modalities such as IV (intravenous) fluids for dehydration, pain control for fractures and nebulizer treatments for asthmatics,” expanded Schmidt. “In addition, we offer evaluation and management of occupational-related illness and injury, including nerve conduction testing, pulmonary function testing and urine drug testing services.”

Along with a full range of urgent care services for common illnesses, Urgent Care Hawaii provides Department of Transportation physicals, school and sports physicals, pre-employment physicals, Occupational Medicine, Workers’ Compensation, lab tests and immunizations. The company even provides first-aid services at community events.

Schmidt, along with her husband Mark, recognized there was no clear alternative to the emergency room for people who needed immediate medical care. Schmidt began researching the urgent care industry in 2009.

Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union agreed that an urgent care center was in alignment with its own values, so the credit union offered its Pearl City building as Urgent Care Hawaii’s flagship location in 2011. Because of the Schmidts’ determination to bring accessibility and convenience to urgent medical services, the first Urgent Care Hawaii location was born, which was followed by three more clinics — Waikiki, Kailua and Kapolei — in 2016.

Since then, the business has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its patients.

“Individual consumers and employers want urgent care that is accessible, convenient and efficient. (Thus), our hours of operation and menu of services has expanded,” shared Schmidt.

“In the urgent-care setting, we use new technology that is certified to meet ‘meaningful use’ standards,” Schmidt said. “This brings a higher level of transparency in health-care delivery, which allows for more efficient and timely care, which (then) leads to better health outcomes.

“We also offer Urgent Care Plus,” she added, “to support primary care physicians and consumers with early identification and intervention of chronic disease and health screenings.”

Schmidt also shared what the ideal employee for Urgent Care Hawaii would be an individual who is engaged in life, both in and outside of work.

“Our team has fun, cares about one another and loves life,” she confirmed. “Our employees are often heard saying, ‘I love to come to work!’ That statement is a 100 percent-reflection of the great attitude and energy our team brings to the center. We hire people who are eager to continue learning in their career and in life,” Schmidt emphasized.

Furthermore, the company is working with employees to create a wellness program that will be beneficial to them, she added.

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THE 411

COMPANY: Urgent Care Hawaii


LOCATIONS: Pearl City: 1245 Kuala St., Ste. 103; Waikiki: 1860 Ala Moana Blvd., Ste. 101; Kailua: 660 Kailua Road; Kapolei: 890 Kamokila Blvd.

PHONE: Main office: 456-CARE (2273)

CO-OWNERS: Donna and Mark Schmidt

EMPLOYEES: 35 full-time employees, including seven full-time doctors and five full-time advanced registered nurses

BENEFITS: 401(K) with company match, paid time off, life and disability insurance, health insurance, training, catalytic coaching to help employees reach their personal goals

NOTEWORTHY: Urgent Care Hawaii’s insurance provider offers discounts to yoga studios, gym memberships and other organizations that promote employees’ physical fitness. The company has offered on-site massages during the workday and periodically brought in healthy lunches. It also has a reading library available to employees.