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The center where innovation meets family

MyGoCenter’s community manager Mariah Pasion leads a meeting in the conference room.

By Nicole Kato

MyGoCenter opened in Kapolei last year to great fanfare. It was the area’s first professional coworking space and made a name for itself in its mission to foster collaboration, innovation and community partnerships.

“Even though it’s a center for business, we offer a culture where people incubate and grow relationships, or make new ones,” said managing director Michael Tsang.

When the opportunity emerged to open a second location in Ala Moana’s Ewa Wing, Tsang couldn’t pass it up. The timing fell in line with the work-life integration that’s becoming popular across the nation, as the cost of childcare continues to rise. Tsang recognized this shift early on and started what would be the blueprints for MyGoKids — a MyGoCenter affiliate — which offers flexible childcare for patrons of MyGoCenter.

The center’s layout includes a podcast room

“We were asked by Ala Moana if we wanted to open a children’s hourly drop-off center,” he recalled. “We just happened to have already planned for that. It was serendipitous.”

MyGoKids, Tsang added, was birthed from his own family situation — he has three young children — and the realization that the traditional childcare model doesn’t work for everyone. He knows the struggle of having to bring his kids along to business meetings, and has seen MyGoCenter patrons facing the same issue.

“It’s about having a more efficient meeting, and for the kids to be at a better place than just hanging around some place,” he explained. “They can (be) learning something, and that’s where MyGoKids came from.”

Work space and conference area

Expect an indoor playground, rock wall, virtual reality surfing room, tutoring areas, yoga, break-dancing classes, origami, as well as off-property excursions to places like Waimea Falls.

Next to MyGoKids will be My-GoCenter’s standard coworking model — featuring an event space, fulland part-time offices, package acceptance and more — but with a few additions that’ll only be available in town.

MyGoCenter Ala Moana will feature a full professional recording studio that’ll be open 24 hours a day, and there will be rooms to host music lessons. Also planned is a video and photo production room that doubles as a movie-screening space, as well as a green-screen area.

“This center is special,” Tsang reiterated.

While it stands out above the rest, the family-focused work environment remains the same.

“We manage the culture in a way that everyone feels like it’s their space,” Tsang continued. “It’s not just a job. We make it a place that is positive and fun to work at.”

MyGoCenter and MyGoKids at Ala Moana will be opening this fall and is looking to fill a number of positions, and Tsang is excited for the opportunities the facility will offer to patrons and his employees.

“I built this with my kids in mind,” he said. “I built the programs revolving how I want them to consume an activity. It’s not just a product I’m putting out. I built it for my family and my employees.

“We want to make it a place that is positive and fun, where people can meet people and kids can meet kids. It becomes a meeting ground.”


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