Invest in learning new technology, advance your skills | Hawaii Jobs

Invest in learning new technology, advance your skills

With Landon Wong, SHRM-CP

Client Services Manager, Hawaii Public Policy Advocates, The Society For Human Resource Management Hawaii Chapter

Not every job uses the latest computers, smartphones or other gadgets, but almost every organization (and therefore every job) is somehow impacted by technology. Learning about new developments in your industry will set you apart from those who don’t have a continuous learning mindset.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do that, take a look at the following Q&A:

Q. I’m in a job that doesn’t use technology, or my options are limited because the computers and software are already purchased, so why should I spend time learning?

A. Helping to improve your knowledge and skills tends to pay dividends even when the results aren’t immediate. By exploring the latest technology, you may discover a new way of tackling a problem at work that could potentially benefit your employer.

Q. I’m new to my job; how can I “learn more” when I barely know what I’m supposed to do now?

A. Mastering your current assignment before tackling something more difficult makes sense. Look for ways that you can supplement what you are doing to get acquainted with your current job role by spending time at home taking a webinar or reading an article about new developments in your field. Small steps can contribute to an overall increased level of performance.

Q. What do I do if my employer won’t spend money on new technology?

A. Sometimes a case can be made for investing in new technology to generate revenue. Other times, changing a process, eliminating unnecessary steps or adding a step that facilitates better service would be more effective than implementing an information technology solution. Innovation does not necessarily need to be expensive.