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Financial literacy can ease stress, improve productivity



Roughly half of all employees say they feel stressed dealing with their personal financial

situation, according to a recent study, spending at least three hours each week dealing with personal financial issues.

Taking the time to increase financial literacy and improve financial health can not only decrease that stress, but also increase productivity.

Q: What causes financial stress?

A: Not having enough emergency savings is employees’ top financial concern. Less than a third of those who are stressed about their finances report that they feel they could cover unexpected expenses. Taking advantage of benefits available through your work-place can help contribute toward expenses and savings.

Q: How can learning about finances help me at work?

A: If you work in an organization that provides benefits such as retirement plans or tuition and profit-sharing plans, understanding the details can help ensure that you aren’t missing opportunities. In addition to lessening financial stress, this “literacy” often carries through to your day job, fostering a sense of engagement and ownership in the company’s financial success.

Q: Where can I learn more?

A: Among many sources, the federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, comprised of more than 20 U.S. government entities at, and the National Endowment of Financial Education at provide easy to understand resources for members of the public. Human resource management professionals and business owners can learn more about establishing financial wellness programs at