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Current events matter


Our legislators and community leaders form opinions and make decisions that affect us every year. These decisions have a direct impact on program development and funding, changes in current laws and implementing new laws. These decisions include a variety of wide-ranging and complex issues and they rely on experts in the field to gather information and develop policies that help address community needs and/or new opportunities.

Furthermore, showing interest in current events and being knowledgeable about the field you are working in (or want to work in) demonstrates your commitment to the organization and your career development.

By keeping up with legislative and current events, it will allow you the capabilities to make a difference as a community contributor, as well as in the workplace, both as an individual and employee.

Q: Why is it important to care about legislative and current events?
A: As mentioned previously, legislators and community leaders rely on experts in various fields for progress. These “experts” include all of us. We have the ability to provide first-hand experiences about our work and lives, and how their decisions impact us each day. It is important to understand what issues are before them, how they are gathering information, and how policies are being developed and implemented as a result of the information gathered.

Q: How can understanding issues help you in your job?
A: It allows you to speak about trends and make suggestions to improve your organization. You can start to see patterns of emerging customer needs that you can proactively plan for and take advantage of opportunities rather than respond after the fact. Being aware of new or pending legislation will help you be strategic about implementation for your organization and determining the impacts and steps that need to occur in order to meet the requirements in a timely manner, therefore protecting your organization from any compliance issues.

Q: How do I get connected?
A: Get connected to resources that are available related to your industry such as becoming a member of a professional organization in your industry; networking with colleagues; attending trainings; and following the leaders in your industry on social media and industry websites. Follow the committees on the state capitol website that address issues affecting your industry and sign up to receive notifications. Begin to dialogue with your management team about the goals and mission of the organization and what resources they recommend to help you stay on top of initiatives that meet the organization’s goals. Your voice matters!